The Best Baby Buys 2015

So it has been a while since I have posted anything so I thought I’d do a catch up while summing up my best and worst baby buys. I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at raising children but I have so far had 9 months experience and we have spent a lot of money on this little one! Not only would it be good to remember for next time, but also maybe it might help other first time parents!

Best Buys

1. Chicco Next2Me Crib
This is by far the best item we bought for Robyn. Not only is it modern looking and practical, it is very spacious, adjustable and cosy. I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want a moses basket as I wanted to co-sleep safely, and this was the best co-sleeper I could find. You can have it free-standing, or with the side down attached to your side of the bed. We had it attached to the bed from day one and it was a life saver. When Robyn would wake in the night for feeds, I could just slide her back into her bed when she fell asleep, just one thing that made the sleep deprivation bearable! It is suitable for your baby to use until they turn 6 months, unfortunately we had to move Robyn into her big bed when she was 5 months old, as she was rolling all over the place and getting stuck on the sides!

IMG_5212 IMG_5877 IMG_6249

My amazing view for 5 months!

2. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

In at number two is the wonderful Perfect Prep machine this was a godsend! Since breastfeeding didn’t work out and Robyn went 0-100 in seconds when she was hungry, waiting for a bottle to be ready was just torture. Robyn has never slipped into a routine and its only recently that we can predict when she’ll have a bottle! To have a bottle ready in 2 minutes just makes life with a newborn a little bit easier, especially when she was suffering with reflux and was crying most of the time any how!


  1. Quinny Buzz Xtra
    I made the mistake of buying my first pram for its value for money rather than quality of product. More about that in my worse buys! The Quinny Buzz is a gorgeous pram, with a cosy structured seat, easy fold and unfold. lovely to push and easy to control on the bus. We do have to take the back wheels of to fit it in the boot of our new car, but its no trouble and its not actually that much wider that the back wheels of the other pram (half a centimetre, I checked!).



  1. Nursery Furniture
    Despite wasting money on the pram, I did manage to save money on other things and that includes all of the nursery furniture. With exception of the cot bed, I bought non nursery furniture for Robyn, and I love it all! The wardrobe and chest of drawers are from Argos and the chair is from Ikea. I also got a bargain with Robyn’s cot bed. I didn’t buy it until she was 4 months old, as she was going to be sleeping in our room I didn’t see the point of buying one earlier, and I’m glad I waited as I got the style I wanted for under £200 with mattress included. The cot turns into a toddler bed and sofa so technically it should last a few years and then some! I also managed to build most of these while heavily pregnant..

IMG_5210Wardrobe £124.99 and Chest of Drawers £84.99 both Argos

IMG_5518Chair and Footstool £55 and £25 Ikea

IMG_8333 IMG_9486

Sleigh Cot Bed £169.95 Online4Baby (Disclaimer: I did remove toys from the cot after sneakily taking pics!)

  1. Fisher Price Jumperoo
    We bought the jumperoo when Robyn was around 4 months, she had excellent head control but she had to have a cushion under her feet and behind her! Although you’re not really meant to use the jumperoo until baby is 6 months old, Robyn loved being on her feet and she only used it for a few minutes at a time. She absolutely loved it. However now that she is mobile she isn’t as fond of it, but it is such a great toy, we’ve packed it up to store it away for future babies!

IMG_7315Robyn enjoying her first go in the Jumperoo!

  1. Play Pen and Stair Gate.
    Since Robyn started crawling (5 and a half months!!) she gets in everything. As soon as she was off she started to sit up by herself and pull herself up to stand up on everything including the sofa, foot rest and TV stand! We soon bought the stair gate and thank goodness they sell pressure fit ones! As we rent our house I really didn’t want to put holes in the walls and wood work. Next we ordered a play pen, I didn’t want one at first but we found quite a big one that can also be used as a room divider. It is better used as a play pen when she has a friend to share it with, but when she is on her own she soon realises she is! So we mostly use it as a divide so that she can crawl about safely.

IMG_9295Stair Gate £15 with £8.99 extension both Argos 


Naughty sausage standing by the TV!

11947695_10153084811132876_963429990485124512_nBest picture of the Play Pen with Robyn and her best friend Oscar £44.99 eBay Cheeky monkeys!

7. Convenient storage
One of the things we wanted to do was to make sure that our house didn’t become too messy with a whirlwind child, we’ve so far succeeded and it is all because of smart storage when it comes to nappies/wipes and toys. I had the idea before Robyn was born to have a changing station both upstairs in her nursery, and downstairs in the living room. We bought an Ottoman from Dun Elm (£20) for the living room to store all of the nappy changing supplies, and a fabric basket with handles to store all of her toys, from eBay (£17.99) During the day the living room is a baby proofed, toy explosion, and at night it is back to normal so we can relax together and watch a film. It only takes a couple of minutes to transform a messy room into a relaxing space to wind down in.

Contained baby mess!
All gone!
More contained baby mess in the Ottoman 🙂

8. Sleepsuits and sleeping bags
Seriously, you cannot have enough sleep suits, especially for newborns. They are comfy and convenient, especially during the night time poosplosions! And sleeping bags are safer and easier to use than blankets, now Robyn isn’t a newborn any more I do put a little blanket over her during naps, as she is a hot bod and a sleeping bag would be too hot for her at the moment.


Argh, totally miss the exhausting newborn stage!

9. Sophie la Girafe
This is definitely the best teething toy around. Robyn loves it, she chews it to death while she is in her pram, in the car, in her high chair. I totally get the hype now!
IMG_7595Having a good ol’ chew!

10. Memory foam mattress topper.
Last but not least is the amazing mattress topper I bought for Robyn’s cot, it has saved our lives! Since having this cheap bit of foam Robyn has been sleeping through the night! We will have the odd night where she does wake up, usually when she is teething, but that is to be expected. We can finally catch up on months of broken sleep! eBay, I love you!

Coming soon is my Top Ten Worst Baby Buys!

Emi X


Welcome to parenthood! – My Birth Story! LONG!

As you may have guessed it due to the lack of posts, I have had my baby! 12 days after my due date and one day before I was booked in for an induction, our baby decided to enter the world naturally, and it was, for lack of a better word, insane!

I believe it all started happening on Saturday, the 24th of January. We went for a walk along Winchelsea beach, quite a long one hoping that it would get things moving. Quite soon after we started our walk I started getting a regular stitch-like pain. It was enough for me to have to hold onto Matt for support. Once we got home the pains subsided but I was exhausted. I napped, bounced on my exercise ball and generally just felt weird.

Sunday morning I woke up with mild contractions, they lasted the whole day and were every 6-7 minutes apart, lasting about 30 seconds each. They were not painful, just uncomfortable. They we’re obviously not Braxton Hicks. It is true when they say you’ll just know when you are in labour, you just feel completely different.

Monday morning I started timing them properly and they we’re 5-6 minutes apart, and starting to get painful. I lost my ‘plug’ around 11am and we decided to head to the maternity department around 4pm to get checked out. I just wanted to be told I was in labour! The midwife we saw was so lovely, I wish I could have had her for my whole labour! She told me I was 1-2cm dilated and she could tell that our baby had hair! We we’re super excited and she told us baby could come at any time and to come back when the pains got worse. So we went to get some dinner and went home to wait it out. My pains got worse and we went back in at 11pm only to be told I had made no progress and not to come back until the contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. This midwife also told me this stage could last for days! Disappointed, we headed back home and I tried to sleep. I did not sleep at all!

Tuesday morning, the 27th of January, I was exhausted already. Sleep was impossible as the pains we’re every 4-5 minutes and lasting 60-90 seconds. They got worse as the day went on, to the point where I couldn’t eat, talk, sleep or do anything to distract me. I spent all afternoon bent over my sofa because it was worse when I sat down. I was feeling a lot of pressure during the contractions and that is when Matt decided to call the delivery suite. I had put it off all day because my contractions never got to 2-3 minutes apart, they just got more and more painful! I spoke to the midwife, and I had a contraction while I was on the phone to her and she told us to make our way in. So at 4.30pm we headed to the hospital, again. On the way there I just kept thinking, they better not send me home again I bet I’m only 3cms now! We were put into a delivery room and waited to be seen by a midwife. It was probably 20 minutes or so before I was examined. She asked me what pain relief I wanted. I wanted to go as naturally as possible, but I said I wasn’t sure how much longer I could put up with the pain. So she gave me the gas an air to start with. Towards the end of the examination I had quite a powerful contraction and I couldn’t hear what anyone was saying. When the pain passed Matt was saying ‘you’re 9cm!!’ I just remember saying ‘Thank goodness!! Matt, we need the bags!’ Haha! Then the midwife was rushing around getting everything ready to deliver the baby! The next hour or two is a bit of a blur. I was puffing on the gas and air, which I found was a great help, and I didn’t need anything else. When Matt returned with the bags I was ready to push! I didn’t have time to change into the clothes I had bought for labour or drink my energy drink, I obviously didn’t need it! I remember my waters going and it made me laugh! It felt like someone had pulled a plug, I felt all this warm water, and a great sense of relief and I thought, baby will come out soon! The midwife told us there was some meconium in the waters so I had to be put on a monitor just to keep an eye on baby’s heartbeat. After that it really is a blur. I had no sense of time, I just remember pushing and being determined to get the baby out ASAP! I remember a paediatrician walking in (to check on baby because of the meconium) and then, after one huge push – suprising both Matt and the midwife, baby was suddenly on my chest! Our baby was born at 18.28, weighing 7lb4, and we had a beautiful girl! We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw her for the first time. I know every parent is overwhelmed by the beauty of their newborn, but she was 100% perfect in every way. She wasn’t wrinkly, dry or grey. She was pink, warm, soft and gorgeous. No cone head, hardly any vernix, and lots and lots of dark hair! She got 10 out of 10 on the apgar scale, and after being checked over by the paed we had some skin to skin time while the midwives sorted me out, as I had to have some stitches. Once they were finished we were left alone for an hour to bond with our new baby girl. We decided to call her Robyn, and spent some time calling our family to deliver the good news. The midwife bought me some toast, I didn’t realise how hungry I was! Then it was time for a shower and for daddy to have some cuddles. We were on the post natal ward by 9.30pm, and thankfully Matt was allowed to stay with me the whole night. I couldn’t sleep at all, I was completely wired from the whole experience and the adrenaline was still running through me. I spent the time bonding with our little one, trying to establish breast feeding – I had so much trouble with this, and I won’t be going into detail about it, but I am not disappointed by the choice I made to put Robyn on formula, the support from the midwives was astounding as the only thing I was worried about was being judged.

Wednesday the 28th, we we’re hoping to be home after lunch but we were not discharged until 5pm, which I am grateful for, otherwise I wouldn’t have had the reassurance from the afternoon midwife about the change to formula. Robyn passed her hearing test and all of the doctors checks and we we’re finally sent on our way after one last check on me.

IMG_5588 IMG_5589 IMG_5600 IMG_5623IMG_5624 IMG_5626

Welcome to the world Robyn. I still can’t believe you are finally here, after an amazing pregnancy and a crazy birth, at 5 weeks old you are thriving on formula. We’ve had some ups and downs in the first few weeks but things are starting to come together slowly.

Next week I think I will do a 6 week update for Robyn and myself. I have so much to say about the last 5 weeks but this post is already crazy long! I’ll soon post about the things I have learnt since becoming a mummy. Everything changes instantly and it is a lot to take in. Sometimes it is the hardest job, but it is always rewarding, especially when your baby starts smiling!

IMG_5787 988476_10155237742835354_1021532248249916266_n 10388092_10155237742620354_3163276477420955019_n 11021147_10155280569370354_5261940334694838470_nEmi xx

41 Week Update – Where’s Baby?!

41 wks 141 weeks! There should be a tiny human in that chair! 
41 wks 2
Matt wanted to take a photo of me from behind to show me that I don’t look pregnant from this angle!
How far along?  41 weeks! We really didn’t think I would go this far over! The baby has 6 days to come naturally before I have an induction, come on baby, you can do it!
Total weight gain/measurements: My total weight gain is 25 pounds – not bad!
Maternity clothes: Nothing new, nothing is comfortable either!
Stretch marks: Nothing new, just a sore belly button where the piercing used to be.
Sleep: I’m finding it incredibly hard to sleep now, it doesn’t matter what side I sleep on my hips hurt so much every time I wake up.
Best moment this week: I’ve been trying to treat myself for every day that I go over. I’ve had some really lazy days, long warm baths, face masks, I bought some new make up, today I even managed to paint my toe nails! It took some acrobatics but I did it!
Miss anything? I miss doing things at the weekend. The last couple of weekends we haven’t done much at all 1. because everyone is leaving us be as we are waiting for baby and 2. because we are too afraid that my waters will go in public! I am at the point now though that I don’t really care. So tonight we’re going for a curry (the hottest one I can handle!) with our friends! We’re going to see what else we can plan for this weekend 😉
Movement: Baby really has run out of room in there, but it hasn’t stopped them wiggling! In fact it is even more noticeable because they are so big now. It’s time to come out little one!
Food cravings: I keep dreaming about big bowls of cereal, which was one of my first cravings!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Just the indigestion.
Gender: We’ll find out soon surely!
Labour signs: The Braxton Hicks contractions have become a lot more frequent, but I don’t know if I’m just noticing them more because there is so much baby in there! Last night I thought they were getting stronger, but I fell asleep and when I woke up they had gone back to being painless. It can’t be much longer now can it?!
Symptoms: Pelvic pressure, hip pain, Braxton Hicks and indigestion
Belly button in or out? Still in.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: I have been very up and down since last Thursday. With each day that we went past my due date I got more and more frustrated. Then I think it was yesterday something sort of clicked in my mind and I thought, you know what, most first time mums go over due, our due date is only an estimation. Baby will come when they are ready. If it comes down to it and I have to be induced on Wednesday, I just have to stay positive and hope that it goes smoothly.
Looking forward to: Meeting our little one! I won’t be posting until our baby has arrived, so in my next post I WILL be a mummy!
Emi xx

40 Week Update! Come on baby!!

How far along?  40 weeks! I can’t believe I have reached the baby’s due date!
Total weight gain/measurements: I was going to weigh myself today, but I totally forgot!
Maternity clothes: I ordered a nursing top, but that is it!
Stretch marks: Well, Sunday night baby decided to have a growth spurt, and Monday I woke up with my stretch marks on my hips from puberty, slightly more stretched! I’m not bummed out by it, I haven’t got them on my belly so I am happy! Just, no more growth spurts if you plan on staying in there for 2 more weeks!
Sleep: I’m still not getting as much as I would like to! Every position is uncomfortable, I’m getting used to it unfortunately!
Best moment this week: This week has been a bit hard, knowing my due date was approaching and thinking about having to go over due has been a bit daunting. Matt decided to work from home for the rest of the week and that is the best thing that has happened as I feel sooo much better knowing he is here. Although he is working a bit we’re getting a little extra time together 🙂
Miss anything? Freedom! When I am home alone, I am afraid to go out alone in case something happens, and the public aren’t exactly a friendly bunch. I’m likely to get bumped into or ignored. I just can’t put up with it at this stage. I’d like to go for walks, but the weather has been horrendous. I just can’t win!
Movement: Oh yes still wiggling! Little bum shuffler!
Food cravings: Nothing in particular!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Indigestion.
Gender: Most people still think our baby is a boy, I really hope we’ll find out before I write on here next!
Labour signs: I’ve still been getting Braxton Hicks, period pains and pressure. I saw my midwife today and she attempted to do a membrane sweep but it was unsuccessful. She said what she did do could still bring on contractions stronger than Braxton Hicks and turn into full on labour. So we’ve just got to sit back and wait now. If labour doesn’t start naturally she has booked me in for an induction in 13 days time. Surely I’ll go into labour before then?! I’ll be doing everything I can to bring on natural labour!
Symptoms: Pelvic pressure, hip pain, Braxton Hicks and indigestion
Belly button in or out? Still in.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Hmm, a bit of both at this stage! I’m happy because we will be meeting our little one any day now, I’m moody because I’m getting impatient and I want to meet our little one!!
Looking forward to: Hopefully going into labour naturally! Come on baby!!
Emi xx

Waiting For Baby – It’s a long one!

With only a few days until our baby’s due date, I thought it would be a good idea to document how I feel at the moment. I have found that when talking to friends and family, reading blogs and watching You Tube videos, everyone feels very different as their due date approaches. Regardless of how any one feels as it comes closer we all have one thing in common. Our lives are about to change forever. And I can’t wait!

My Mindset

Throughout my pregnancy I have only been nervous when I find myself thinking about after the baby has been born. Hoping that they are OK, worrying about possible complications. I am sure it is a worry that pops into the mind of every mum to be, but I am not nervous about going into labour, far from it! I myself find that odd. I am about to experience a pain that I cannot imagine and for some bizarre reason I am looking forward to that?!

The way that I see it – I know that I haven’t experienced it yet but from what various people have said – it is only bad if your make it a bad experience. Obviously a lot of complications that come with giving birth cannot be avoided, but you can’t avoid labour pains, you can’t stop contractions, so you might as well go with the flow and stay calm. The best thing in any situation, not just birth, is not to panic. It is the best advice I have received from a friend, and she had a positive experience. I am going into this natural process with a calm mind and a positive outlook. As long as my baby arrives into the world safely, I am happy! But we shall see, I may well have to eat my words once I have been through it all!

Maternity Leave and Keeping Busy

I have been away from work for three weeks now, it feels odd! The two weeks over Christmas and New Year felt like a holiday but last week was my first whole week at home, alone, and it is strange! I miss my colleagues, not the work! Going from working full time for the last 10 years to nothing is a little bit of a shock to the system. It is lovely being able to rest when I want to and I have plenty to keep me busy, when I have the energy for it! One thing I have found when browsing the Baby Centre forums is that a lot of mums to be are struggling with boredom, just laying around waiting for baby to make an appearance. There is so much that you can do!! Here is my list of things to keep me occupied:

Baby related things:

Organising baby clothes

Washing and organising baby’s clothes and making their bed! I did this gradually over the last three weeks. I didn’t realise how many clothes we had for our baby until I started washing them! I found this was the perfect way to start my leave, it makes the house smell wonderful and starts off the nesting process nicely. I made baby’s bed last week, which I have to admit made me a little bit tearful!

IMG_5534Our Chicco Next2Me Crib. I have used a cot bed sheet tucked and folded underneath – you can’t get specially made sheets for this crib but this works fine, and I can reuse them once the baby is in their cot. I have placed a muslin cloth on top of that and the knitted blanket, a gift from my aunt is on top of that. I also have a cellular blanket for swaddling, a comfort toy and my elephant DooDoo.

IMG_5540Just a small selection of the baby’s clothes! I have washed, dried, folded and organised every item in order, from newborn to six months plus. All of the preparation for baby has been fun, but I LOVED doing this!

Packing your hospital bag.

Another thing that you have to do is pack your hospital bag. I had mine mostly packed by 32 weeks, but once I finished work and I had all that extra time I had a bit of a rethink. Originally I had two bags; one for me and one for baby, a bag for the car, and the car seat. Then I thought, what about my hand bag? I hadn’t taken my personal items into account i.e. maternity notes, phone, charger, kindle, purse, snacks, drinks etc. So that would have made 4 bags and a car seat. Bearing in mind when I go to the hospital I am probably not going to be able to carry much more than my handbag and I don’t want Matt weighed down by two large bags and me clinging onto him! So for one of my days last week my main activity was re-packing my hospital bag. I decided to try and get everything into our carry on case. I also re-wrote my list as I went, taking out anything I think I could do without, but adding a couple of things that I didn’t think about the first time around. In the carry on case I have packed everything that me and baby will need while we are in the hospital. In the baby’s changing bag I have packed all of the things for me and baby for when we leave the hospital and this bag will stay in the car with the car seat, so that Matt can collect it when we are ready to leave. I have re-organised my every day hand bag so that I only have my purse in there, so that when we need to go to the hospital I just need to chuck in my phone, snacks, drinks and kindle.


For some reason this photo makes the baby’s nappy bag look bigger than the case! It is smaller! The case will come into the hospital with me, and baby’s nappy bag will stay in the car.

Start a baby record book

My best friend bought me this record book from M&S for my baby shower gift, it is adorable. I made a start on it last night as there are all sorts of things you can fill out before baby arrives, such as how you felt when you found out you were expecting, little tid bits about us and our family and places to stick down scan pictures and photos of your growing bump.

Non-baby related things

Now that everything is ready for baby’s arrival, you need to have some thing to keep your mind off of the waiting game. Some days I find myself slipping into day time TV and thinking constantly about when baby is going to make their appearance. This will drive you mad so don’t let it happen! Here are a few things that I am doing to stay busy;

  • Organise your holiday photos into albums, make it fun and treat it like a scrap book. Our holiday to San Francisco was in January last year and our photos have been sat in a draw since then. Unfortunately I had far too much fun doing this that I finished it in 2 days!  IMG_5530Photo album from Boots – we have the same one with our holiday snaps from Las Vegas. I love this album because it is full of blank pages so you can stick down your photos how ever you like.

IMG_5532I had a bit of fun and used my washi tape collection to spruce up the pages. I also had my travel journal to hand so that I could write down exactly what day we did what, and the names of restaurants etc. All of the memories came flooding back to me and I want to go back!

  • Cleaning! Now, I admit that this isn’t something that comes naturally to me, but since I have been at home I have been much more tidy. I am the messy one out of my husband and I, but I have made quite the improvement! It is a good idea to have a little bit of a routine while you are at home and I tend to do housework in the morning when I have the most energy. I haven’t gone mad with the nesting and I haven’t cleaned the entire house but every now and then I’ll see something and think ‘Urgh! I have to clean that right this second!’
  • Planning. I bought myself a Filofax. I love being organised and I feel a little bit out of the loop since finishing work, so I have found that having a planner has helped me have a loose routine, and keep a track of the days and the things that we do. Yes it is just a glorified diary but I love taking notes and making lists and to have it all packed into this lovely purple Filofax makes me feel all funny. I know, I’m weird.


My beautiful Saffiano Filofax in purple. I got it quite cheap on eBay. I bought some colourful pens to write with and some extra ‘to do list’ inserts. At the start of each week I’ll write down my bank balance. When I start receiving my maternity pay, rather than my regular pay it will be less, so I thought this would help me keep track of my spending while I am off – just to make sure I don’t spend too much!

  • Drawing. I used to draw and paint a lot, but I have hardly picked up a pencil throughout my entire pregnancy, what better time than now to get back into it? Obviously I’ve started slowly, as I really have to be in the mood. Also, as I always sit curled up on the sofa with my sketch pad, my bump makes it a lot harder. Baby tends to kick the pad at a crucial moment and I end up with a mess! So I’m sticking to doodles at the moment!


Doodling to pass the time.

  • Reading. I have a lot of reading to catch up with. I read hardly any books in 2014. I’ve given myself a goal on Goodreads to read 15 books this year and I plan on sticking to it! The last book I read was American Psycho, I was desperate to finish it before the baby’s arrival because it is a horrible book and I didn’t want to read it in the hospital with my sweet little one sleeping next to me! I managed to finish it last week and have just started reading The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway.
  • TV and film. I have started watching Supernatural from the beginning. I love Supernatural but I’ve completely forgotten the early seasons. While I’m watching this I’ll either be bouncing on my exercise ball or doodling or making lists, just so that I’m not just laying there all day! I also have a lovely selection of Blu-Rays and I love to watch the Lord of the Rings extended editions. I’m saving that for when baby is here!
  • Games. Not everyone likes computer games but I have always been a gamer. I’m currently working my way through Assassin’s Creed Unity. Matt bought me Little Big Planet 3 and Tomb Raider for Christmas so I have plenty to keep me going!

I hope someone out there finds this interesting and helpful!

I’m now going to go and try to focus on one of these things to get my mind off of the fact that our due date is 2 days away and we want to meet our baby!

Emi xx

39 Week Update – 1 Week Until Due Date!

How far along?  39 weeks today!
Total weight gain/measurements: My total weight gain is 24 pounds since I was 5 weeks pregnant. It has fluctuated quite a bit towards the end, but I read somewhere that some women loose a couple of pounds before giving birth. I’m so happy with the weight gain. In the early stages of pregnancy I was worried about gaining loads of weight and being big all over, but pregnancy has treated me well thankfully. I’m all bump, and I may have put on a little bit on the tops of my thighs but other than that I haven’t had any kind of swelling, even Matt is surprised that I still don’t look pregnant from behind and that my face looks the same – I’m not entirely sure what he thought I was going to turn into!
Maternity clothes: No more clothes for me! Although I would like to get some new clothes, I’ll have to wait for a little while!
Stretch marks: None! Touch wood, fingers crossed and all that jazz! I’ve been a little bit sore around the bottom of my bump but that’s easily managed with the cream I use. I think it is sore because my bump has dropped a lot!
Sleep: I seem to have fallen into the same sleep routine since last Thursday, since I started getting consistent lower back pain. It doesn’t take too long to get to sleep but I wake up two or three times having to go to the toilet and change position. Last night was the worst so far for the back pain and Braxton Hicks.
Best moment this week: This week was my first official week of maternity leave and it feels odd! I have managed to keep myself occupied so far, although it is a little bit difficult trying to keep my mind off of the baby, it is all I can think about because we are both getting so impatient now! I finished putting our holiday snaps into photo albums. I’m reading. Sleeping. Resting. Drawing. Planning. Playing games. I’ve packed and re-packed my hospital bags. I’ve washed all of the baby’s things. I’ve ordered my nursing pillow. My chair for the nursery came and I built that. So I have been kind of busy! It has been nice, but I’m ready for baby now!
My chair from Ikea – the Poang armchair
It is a lot more comfortable that it looks – even Matt likes it! At the moment I’m using it while I play Assassin’s Creed Unity – It is a great gaming chair!
Miss anything? I know that our sleep is going to be interrupted for a good long time from now on, but I am at least looking forward to being able to lay down and change position with out having a bowling ball in my belly.
Movement: Lots of movement still. I think baby is engaged now, my bump has dropped a lot since my midwife appointment last week and baby didn’t have very far to go then. I thought that movement was meant to slow down at this point but our little wiggler is still wiggling! Their little bum is right up the top and I’m getting feet and hands in my sides, which is painful sometimes. I’m not sure, but I think baby might be long and skinny. I’m probably wrong he/she might come out short and round!!
Food cravings: I have been hungry this week! I’m still on the Christmas snacks – pickled onions, beetroot, cheese and crackers. But I haven’t had any particular cravings.
Anything making you queasy or sick? I’m still getting indigestion so, that.
Gender: Maybe boy? Maybe girl? Maybe we’ll find out in my next post? <–wishful thinking!
Labour signs: The Braxton Hicks contractions have become more regular at night, I have consistent lower back ache which feels different to the SPD, which is a bit odd. It definitely feels more like period pains, and with the Braxton Hicks that I had last night it was uncomfortable and radiated around to the bottom of my bump. Every time I woke up the pain was going down the leg of which ever side I was lying on! Matt was hoping it was real contractions, but no, baby is still in there! It is a little bit frustrating because I’m getting a lot of signs that my body and baby is preparing for labour, but it could mean baby could come in the next few days or weeks. I wish we could know exactly when baby was going to make an appearance, the anticipation is crazy! I really do not want to go over my due date!
Symptoms: Pelvic pressure, the SPD hasn’t been too bad since I’ve finished work. Back pain, Braxton Hicks, period pain, fatigue – I have slept a lot in the last few days, not necessarily at night! I have nested a little bit, but my energy is short lived when I finally have some!
Belly button in or out? Still in, but it pops every now and again – very weird!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy! Everyone keeps asking if I’m getting nervous, but I’m really not. I’m more anxious about people trying to visit all the time afterwards than anything else!
Looking forward to: Meeting our baby, come on little one we can’t wait!
Emi xx

38 Weeks – Happy New Year!

38 wks
38 week bump!
How far along?  38 weeks exactly.
Total weight gain/measurements: I’m still not stepping on the scales at the moment, but bump is measuring on time still! If baby isn’t here by next week I’ll weigh myself then.
Maternity clothes: I managed to get some nursing bras, some in the sale and a dressing gown for the hospital for £10. That will probably be it for now!
Stretch marks: Still nothing even my midwife commented on my lack of stretch marks today. I’m feeling quite lucky not to have any at the moment, but there is still time for some to appear – fingers crossed I don’t grow too much more!
Sleep: Sleep hasn’t been too bad, and it may be because I am getting some afternoon naps in, which seems to help me to sleep at night. I have also managed to sleep in a few mornings this week which has been lovely. Hopefully I get a few more of those before baby arrives!
Best moment this week: It is always a good day when I see the midwife, I’m always really happy after my appointments. It was especially good as Matt came with me. He has only been able to come to a few of my midwife appointments. We we’re both happy after this one, it is all very exciting knowing that our little one can come any day now! Baby is almost fully engaged. While she was examining my bump and feeling baby’s position she could feel their foot on my left side that has been kicking me in the ribs constantly, she got all excited and got Matt to come and feel! Baby was then trying to get away from the doppler when she was listening to the heart beat – cheeky thing 🙂 We went out for breakfast after and then took down our Christmas decorations – I used to hate doing this but as I have gotten older it is always a relief to put it all away. I can now concentrate on my nesting!
Miss anything? I would really love to go clothes shopping – but I can’t do that for a while! I’m looking forward to getting new clothes for myself once baby is here and I have sort of gone back to normal!
Movement: Still a very wiggly baby!
Food cravings: Nothing in particular!
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nothing really, as my bump has dropped there is more room for food, yay!
Gender: I have no idea! Although lately I have been leaning more towards girl, only because I was convinced baby was a boy from the start 😉
Labour signs: I’m still getting pressure daily from baby engaging, and braxton hicks at night, but it just indicates baby is getting ready for their big entrance into the world!
Symptoms: Pelvic pain/pressure, fatigue, heartburn and a new one – hunger! My stomach has been rumbling which hasn’t happened for a long, long time!
Belly button in or out? Still in!
Wedding rings on or off? On – I’ve been lucky not to get any swelling throughout my entire pregnancy.
Happy or moody most of the time: Mostly happy this week! Mainly because I’m excited and I can’t wait to meet our little one!
Looking forward to: Meeting our baby!
Emi xx